Our Next Communication System, Alive


“Alive” is a system created to help people who are living through and after the pandemic to form community in an increasingly digitalized world. Alive assists users in managing their mental health inside their community by providing indoor activities and social gathering opportunities through a life-sized streaming screen.


UX / UI Designer


Sep. – Dec. 2020


Contextual Analysis, Persona, Journey Map, SWOT Analysis, Value Proposition Canvas, Task Flows, User Flow, Video Prototype


Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect

Initial & Process Sketches

Design Values

Main Functions

Alive provides three different spaces: workspace, exercise space and watching space

Work Space

Exercise Space

Watching Space

Alive also provides a choice to use actual name & face or remain anonymous

Lock Mode

Open Mode

Additional Functions

Virtual Character

Users will have an opportunity to create their own virtual character to join the room anonymously. Users would get a chance to choose a style of face, hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, top, bottoms and shoes, which will assist users to feel more connected with the device styling their own character.

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Who is Emily?

Journey Map

Emily's Journey Map

SWOT Analysis

Value Proposition Canvas

Task Flows

User Flows

Finding a Suitable Yoga Room