Re-design an Application "Hopper"


“Hopper” is a third-party flight booking application, which provides the cheapest and the best-qualified flights. The purpose of re-designing “Hopper” is to make the app more functional and accessible by adding functions of “Multi-city Trip,” “AutoSave,” and “Price Comparison Table.”


App Designer, UX / UI Designer


Sep. – Oct. 2019


SWOT Analysis, User Flow, Moodboard, Persona, Empathy Map, Market Analysis


Adobe XD, Photoshop

Purpose of Re-design

• To manage users’ time
• To provide more money efficient deals
• To plan multi-city trips easily without mistakes
• To help users to plan to travel various countries at once

Re-design on "Multi-city Trip"

  • Changed the display order and added Multi-city function in trip type   
  • “Choose Your Flight Dates” function is displayed in the same page with the other options such as #of travelers, departure and arrival instead of flight options
  • “View Flight” button is moved underneath the flight option selection page 
  • Users can select each flight’s departure and arrival locations, and the flight dates for multi-city option. The Option allows users to add more than a single flight

Re-design on "Price Comparison Table"

  • “Select These Dates” button show users the other flexible flight dates with better deals  
  • Displays the best deal for the selected date
  • Shows price comparison table with nearby dates from users’ selection 
  • By comparing the options, users can select the best flight of their taste

Re-design on "AutoSave" & Page Display

  • “Choose Your Flight Dates” function is displayed in the same page with the other options such as #of travelers, departure and arrival instead of flight options
  • When users press exit or back button accidentally after entering traveling information, all information is saved automatically
  • The search history is saved automatically after the application has been closed. When the users re-enter the application, the most recent search history shows up in the front page
  • Saves up to 10 search histories including # of travelers, dates and flight options

SWOT Analysis

  • Provides users notification system for flight sales
  • Searches best deals and qualified flights
  • Shows various flights on the same day; thus, the users could select the most satisfying flight
  • Is convenient to search up
  • Also gives plenty of hotels, providing great deals
  • Does not have the lists of recent searches
  • Does not find the nearby date’s flight
  • Does not have “multi-city trip” function
  • Does not combine hotel and flight deal
  • Provides reviews from other users who already used the app
  • Shows the estimated dates when the price will be drop or rise
  • Add a function for car rentals
  • Suggests popular tourist destinations after booking the flight
  • Various third-party flight booking companies already exist
  • Services provided by the application are insufficient compared to similar applications

User Flow of "Hopper"


Empathy Map

Market Analysis

The most common and popular application which people use for their trip is Expedia. Expedia not only provides the service to book flights, but also helps users to rent cars, book hotels, and find landmarks. The most used category is a combination of flight and hotel deals which are essential options to plan a trip. Additionally, it has a multi-city flight booking system; therefore, users could easily find multiple flights without clicking the search button several times. Another point with which Expedia fascinates people is if the users sign up for Expedia, then Expedia provides more benefits for users such as discounted hotel and car prices up to 50 percent. Those various services which bring convenience and extreme price drop bring people to use Expedia.

TripAdvisor is an application that provides users with valuable suggestions for the trip. First of all, users can search for various eateries. It suggests users breakfast, brunch, lunch, or coffee place to fulfill user’s journey with joy. Moreover, TripAdvisor advises the best tourist sights to visit. The most crucial part is users could create their account and write a review or participating in the star rating, so other users can find the best places based on real experiences.

Fareboom has a page where users should look up their previous researches. The function makes users comfortable to check the best price deal every day without searching for the same flights every day. Furthermore, it shows a price prediction graph. While watching the price comparison graph, users could decide the date to book the cheapest flight.