Service Blueprint of Empire Life


The purpose of the service blueprint is to provide users with a glance view of getting financial support from an insurance agency, Empire Life. This project will assist in layout a detailed process of claiming money and resolve the complexity of viewing the insurance agency’s products’ detailed information at once.


Service Designer


Jan. – Feb. 2021


Ecosystem Map, User Flow, Journey Map, Interveiw, Secondary Research



Getting Into the Service Blueprint

Persona of Marina Miller

What are 3 Methods to Reduce Counselling Fee

1. Practicum Counsellor

There are counselling centers and unions where provide practicum program. Practicum students are pursuing their MFA degree, majoring in counselling. Counselling with practicum counsellors is mostly half price compared to certified counsellors.

2. Online Counselling

Due to COVID-19, people who are using an online counselling session are arising due to its convenience and safety. Counselling takes place at each of their houses, and it is also half price compare to in-person counselling sessions.

3. Private Insurance Company

Several private insurance agencies have services supporting counselling and psychologists. Most institutes and companies contract with private insurance companies and provide the service for people who belong to them. Moreover, insurance agencies afford counselling supporting services for individuals.

Research Insights

Secondary Research - Empire Life Website

From the Top Left

  • Mobile Main Page
  • Process to Claim the Service
  • Brochure of the Purchased Product

Interview with Hyekung Kang

  • Phone call interview
  • Mainly, interviewed the process to claim the service
  • Speaks about the difficulties of reading the brochure due to long texts

Claiming Counselling via Empire Life

Next Step

This project result will alter the service in an approachable way so that users can easily access the information they want to get and claim the money without wasting time passing through a long process. I hope the enhanced service will prevent people from a burden of financial difficulties and neglecting their mental illnesses.